Jul 03

A Challenge:

Here are your given circumstances

You’ve volunteered to cook something for the Independence Day Potluck at work.  When you signed up for said potluck, you figured it would be a great opportunity to cook something wonderful and vegan for your coworkers.  However, you forget that you signed up until 8:00 the night before and realize that though your cupboard contains items you’d eat on a daily basis, there really isn’t much in there to impress anyone else.  At this moment, you have a choice:  Do you give up on the idea completely, and wait for the Labor Day Potluck to redeem yourself (even though this was your redemption moment for the Memorial Day Potluck), or do you get down and dirty creative and challenge yourself to make something delicious out of the random items in your cabinet?

I chose the latter.  

As I examined my cabinet, refrigerator and freezer, I found these items among my selection…

So how on earth is a man supposed to make an impressive vegan dish out of such incongruent ingredients (and most of all…nothing fresh!)?  I almost backed down.  I almost stole herbs from our neighbor’s garden.  But then I realized this challenge could be exciting…here’s what it yielded…

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A semi-daily occurrence...

Jul 02

One more thing…

I’m not saying this to gain sympathy, but simply to impart awareness upon anyone who happens to read this…I am broke this week.  Like.  Big time poor.  Don’t be surprised by days with nothing but coffee and whole wheat pasta.  Is it healthy?  No.  Is it how I always eat?  Absolutely not.  Do I have a choice?  Well, at this point, it’s either do this or have nowhere to live…so…I’ll pop some vitamin B and C pills this week and hope for the best.  It’s not the perfect pyramid, but it’s true.  (And mom, relax.  I’ll be fine!)

Jul 01

Yes, I am starting a blog…and this is what it’s about.

When I tell people that I am vegan, the top three* questions are always…

1.  Why?

2.  What do you eat?

3.  Aren’t you always hungry?

*Honorable mention:  Isn’t that really expensive?

Though I could talk about it for days, for the answers to question #1, I’ll have to direct you to sources such as Jonathan Safran Foer’s’ Eating Animals, Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma,the book/film versions of Fast Food Nation or Food Inc., or any number of the vast resources available that tell us what is going in to our food, because that’s not what this is about.  None of them cover veganism explicitly.  For that, you’ll have read the book that made everyone whine “I couldn’t eat for two weeks!”  Skinny Bitch.  (or for those men who have #masculinityissues, you can read this.)


So, what am I doing?  Well, this is my answer to the other questions I’m frequently asked.  I have created this as an honest and open look in to my day-to-day dietary choices.  And by honest.  I mean honest.  Like when I eat half of a package of Double Stuff Oreos, or an entire pint of soy ice cream in one sitting…I’ll fess up.  

The plan is this:  Daily updates on what I’m eating, where I’m getting it, what it is costing me, and some other fun things along the way.  It is a look in to my life being young, broke, and vegan.